Content Marketing Strategy in 6 Easy Steps

I’m sure you’ve heard the term “content marketing.” It’s one of the hottest buzzwords among digital marketing services for small businesses right now, but do you know what it actually means?


Content marketing is simply the process of marketing using written or digital media assets like blogs, emails, videos, images, etc. This is the process of attracting people to your brand.

As your customers are using social media more and more. In fact, there are now 3.3 billion people on social media, which means that more and more people are looking to you to help them find what they’re looking for.

You know you should be creating content, but you’re unsure what content is appropriate to produce for your audience. So, Let me show you the exact steps you need to take to create a successful content marketing strategy for your company.

step 1: Determine Your Goals

Before you can start creating content, you need to have a clear idea of what you want to achieve with your content marketing strategy. Do you want to increase website traffic? Gain more followers? Generate leads? Or maybe you just want to create more buzz around your brand? Whatever your end goal is, it’s important to have a clear idea before you can begin writing content. 

step 2: Know Your Audience

Who is your audience? What are their interests and hobbies?  If you know your audience well, then you’ll be able to create content that they’re more likely to enjoy and share.

You need to learn the basics of content marketing, including who your target audience is, where they hang out online, and how to use social media to connect with them. Start by looking at the analytics of your own website, to get an idea of what types of content is most popular, what topics are of interest to readers, and what keywords they’re searching for.

Use analytics to find out what content works best. Look at what keywords are most effective, what time of day they read the most, which sections of the site are visited the most, what social media pages drive traffic, and where readers are coming from.

step 3: Decide on Content Types

As a business owner, you have plenty of options when it comes to advertising your product or service online. You can try different types of content marketing strategies, like:

– Social Media

– Email Marketing

– Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

– Influencer Marketing

– Content Creation

– Video Marketing

– Webinars

– Blogging

– Podcasting

– Direct Mail Marketing etc.

Step 4: Create More Content with Less

Creating content is one of the most effective ways to build your business online. And, the more content that you post, the more traffic and engagement that you can expect. That’s why it’s important to find the best tools that can help you create more content with less effort. So, how can you create content with less? There are many ways to create more content with less effort, but here are some of the most effective ones.

  1. Use automation software: Automation software allows you to create content without having to spend time creating and publishing content manually. Most automation software allows you to create an entire website within a couple of hours, or less. You can use these websites to create content on a variety of topics, such as news, products, tutorials, and more.
  2. Create content templates: When you start creating content, it can be helpful to create a template so that you can continue to create content consistently. Templates can be helpful when you’re posting on a specific topic, such as web hosting, or when you’re starting a new blog. They also make it easier to create content consistently.
  3. Video marketing: Videos are a powerful way to drive traffic to your business and to grow your brand. People love to watch videos, and in fact, they spend twice as much time consuming video content as they do reading content. And, as a content creator, you can use video to engage with your audience and provide value. Video marketing is the ideal tool to promote your product or service.

Step 5: Create a Content Calendar

Having a content calendar helps you plan,write & publish content in an organized manner.

– Write down the date of each post on a calendar. Include the title of the post, the keywords, and the description of the post. This helps you keep track of what topics you plan to cover.

– Put a note on your calendar for each week. Each week, take a moment to think about what you want to write about and brainstorm the ideas that you have. Then, schedule a time to write a draft of the post.

– Schedule posts in advance. This means that when you decide what you want to write about, you can make a plan for how long it will take to write. It also helps to make sure you don’t forget to write.

– You should also plan out how many days you will post in a given week. This allows you to create a weekly schedule.

Step 6: Create your CONTENT

When you write your post, try to make sure it is easy to read. This will help your readers understand what you are trying to say. – Write at a reasonable length. People don’t want to read too much. You should not go over 1,500 words. If you need more words, rewrite the post. Keep an eye out for grammar and spelling errors. The most common error people make when writing is using improper punctuation. You should avoid them. 


Content Marketing is not about creating a lot of content; it’s about creating quality content that is valuable to your audience. It is not about throwing stuff at the wall and seeing what sticks; it’s about building a relationship with your audience by providing value. Still finding it difficult? Hire a digital marketing agency for startups for professional help.

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