How to Add Lyrics to Reels: A Step-by-Step Guide

To add lyrics to reels, simply open the reels camera, select the music option, then choose the lyrics feature. From there, you can search for and select lyrics to add to your reel.

Adding lyrics to your reels can be an excellent way to showcase your creativity and add depth to your content. With this feature, you can select from a vast library of songs and choose the specific lyrics that resonate with you.

Whether you’re using the lyrics tool to add context to a funny skit or to express a more serious message, the possibilities are endless. As a seo friendly content writer expert, i recommend exploring this feature and experimenting with different ways to incorporate lyrics into your reels.

How to Add Lyrics to Reels: A Step-by-Step Guide


Step 1: Choose A Song

Importance Of Choosing The Right Song

When creating reels, choosing the right song is a crucial step. The song you choose can impact the mood, tone, and success of your reel. Here are a few reasons why choosing the right song is so important:

  • Sets the mood: The song you choose can set the tone for your entire reel. It can evoke emotions, create excitement or a sense of calm, and help guide the story you are trying to tell.
  • Grabs attention: In addition to your content, the song you choose can help grab viewers’ attention and make them want to watch your reel.
  • Enhances engagement: If viewers like the song you chose, they are more likely to engage with your reel by watching it again, sharing it, or exploring more of your content.

Tips For Selecting A Suitable Song

Not sure how to choose the perfect song for your reel? Here are a few tips to help you out:

  • Keep it relevant: Choose a song that is relevant to the content and story you are trying to share on the reel. The song should enhance the storytelling, not distract from it.
  • Check popularity: Consider choosing a song that is currently popular or trending. It can help to increase the visibility and popularity of your reel.
  • Pay attention to the beat: A song with a good beat can help create a sense of rhythm with your visuals and make the reel more engaging for viewers.
  • Choose an appropriate length: Choose a song that is not too long, ideally 15-30 seconds. It will give you enough time to create and produce a great reel without losing viewers’ attention.
  • Try something different: Think out of the box and try a song that is different from popular themes.

How To Make Sure The Chosen Song Is Copyright-Free

To prevent any copyright infringement issues, you need to make sure the song you choose is copyright-free. Follow these steps to ensure the song you choose is free of any copyright restrictions:

  • Use royalty-free music: You can use royalty-free music libraries such as epidemic sound, audiojungle, and premiumbeat. Find the right song and purchase the appropriate license to use it in your reel.
  • Use instagram’s music library: Instagram provides a vast library of music available to users, making the selection process easier.
  • Use creation tools from social media apps: Tools like biteable and splice not only allow you to create and edit reels but also provides an option to choose from copyright-free music libraries.

By taking these steps and precautions, you can avoid any potential legal issues and make sure your reel stays safe from copyright infringement claims. Choose the right song, create a great reel, and enjoy the engagement it brings on social media.

Step 2: Create Lyrics

The Importance Of Writing Lyrics For Your Reel

If you want your reels to go viral, it’s best to add catchy and unique lyrics. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Lyrics make the reel memorable: A well-crafted verse or hook sticks with viewers, and they’ll likely keep your song in mind.
  • Lyrics add personality to your reels: If you add lyrics to your reels, it will help your followers understand your personality and music tastes.
  • Lyrics can distinguish your content: Adding original lyrics that fit the theme of your reel can help distinguish your content from others.

Tips For Creating Catchy And Relevant Lyrics

Here are some tips for writing catchy and relevant lyrics that’ll indeed make your reels stand out:

  • Start with a catchy hook: Your hook is the first thing listeners will hear and can make or break their interest in your reel. So, make sure it’s eye-catching enough to entice the viewers.
  • Be creative: Write lyrics that are imaginative and thought-provoking. Using creative languages often helps the lyrics stand out from the masses.
  • Keep it simple: While creativity is essential, don’t overcomplicate lyrics to the point where people can’t follow them. Keep it simple and draw on everyday life to make sure lyrics are relatable.
  • Use humour: Some of the most viral reels that feature music are those that incorporate humour or jokes. Including a pun or light-hearted line in your lyrics can take your content to the next level.

Tools To Use To Help You Create Lyrics

Writing catchy lyrics can be tricky, but luckily a few apps can help you write lyrics with ease. Here are some of the top-rated apps:

  • Rhymezone: This app is excellent for finding unexpected words that rhyme with your subject. Also, it has a thesaurus feature that will help you come up with synonyms for words that you’re not entirely satisfied with.
  • Songwriter’s pad: Songwriter’s pad allows you to save your lyrics and edit them from any device. Also, it includes features such as rhyme matching and a built-in dictionary and thesaurus.
  • Lyric notepad: This app is perfect if you have a melody in mind already. You can add lyrics whilst playing the melody simultaneously to ensure they match the beat.

By following the above tips and using the recommended tools, you’ll be able to write lyrics that fit well with your reel and draw on your unique personality and creativity. Remember, writing original lyrics that are relatable and catchy is key to adding a unique touch to your reels and standing out from the crowd.

Step 3: Add Lyrics To Reels

How To Add Lyrics To Reels Using The Instagram App

If you’re a music lover and have recently started using instagram reels, you might have thought about adding lyrics to your videos. Luckily, instagram has incorporated a built-in feature that allows users to add lyrics to their reels, making it easier than ever before.

Follow these simple steps to add lyrics to reels using instagram’s built-in feature effortlessly.

  • Launch the instagram app and tap the reels option from the home screen.
  • Choose or record a video that you want to add lyrics to and tap on the “add audio” option at the bottom left corner of the screen.
  • Now, select the “lyrics” option that will appear on the top left corner of the screen. You can select from the variety of songs available or explore the songs by searching in the search bar.
  • After selecting the song, pick the specific part of the song you want the lyrics to display in your video and adjust the text’s style, font size, text color, and background color according to your preference.
  • Hit the “done” button, and you’re all set!

The Benefits Of Using Instagram’S Built-In Lyrics Feature

There are several benefits to using instagram’s built-in lyrics feature, including:

  • It saves you time and eliminates the need for additional apps to add lyrics to your reels.
  • Instagram’s vast music library allows you to choose from a variety of songs and genres, making it easier to find the perfect song that fits your video.
  • You can choose specific lines from a song, showing only the part of the song that is relevant to your video.

Other Ways To Add Lyrics To Reels Without Instagram’S Built-In Feature

While using instagram’s built-in lyrics feature is the easiest way to add lyrics to your reels, you can also add lyrics using third-party apps or by creating and editing your text. Here are some other ways to add lyrics to your reels:

  • Use apps like musixmatch that allow users to search for lyrics and copy and paste them into your reel’s captions.
  • Create and edit your lyrics in a text editing app and add them to your reel’s captions.
  • Record your reel with the music, then upload a video editor to add lyrics manually.

By following the steps mentioned above, you can make your reels stand out by adding lyrics effortlessly, showcasing your creativity and imagination. Experiment with different songs and lyrics to see what works best for your video.

Step 4: Enhance Your Reel With Effects And Filters

Instagram is well-known for its vast range of effects and filters, which allow users to add a touch of creativity and uniqueness to their posts. When it comes to enhancing your lyric reels, using effects and filters can take your content to the next level.

In this section, we’re going to explore how you can use instagram’s effects and filters to enhance your reels.

How To Use Instagram’S Effects And Filters To Enhance Your Reels

  • Open up the reel that you want to edit.
  • Click on the smiley face icon at the bottom left corner of the screen.
  • Scroll through the vast range of effects and filters available to you.
  • Click on any effect or filter to preview it.
  • Once you find one that you like, save it to your favorites by tapping the ‘save effect’ button.
  • To add the effect or filter to your video, simply tap on it.

Using instagram’s effects and filters is a straightforward process, which opens up a world of creativity for reels content.

The Effects And Filters That Work Best With Lyric Reels

  • Music-themed effects: Instagram has a wide range of music-themed effects to choose from, including sound bars, music notes, headphones, and pianos. These effects help to create a cohesive theme for your lyric reel.
  • Hearts: Adding hearts to your reel gives it a warm and romantic touch. It’s perfect for love songs or positive lyrics.
  • Colorful overlays: These colorful overlays make your reel pop out and draw attention to the lyrics.

These effects and filters are just a few examples of the possibilities available to you. Experiment with different ones to see which work best for your reel.

Tips For Using Effects And Filters Creatively

  • Avoid using too many effects: Using too many effects can make your reel look cluttered and confusing. Stick to 1-2 effects per reel.
  • Consider the mood and theme of your reel: Choosing effects that match the mood and theme of your reel can make it more impactful.
  • Don’t be afraid to mix and match: Combining different effects and filters can create a unique and eye-catching reel.
  • Keep it simple: Sometimes, less is more. Adding too many effects or filters can distract from the lyrics and the overall message of the reel.

By using the right effects and filters creatively, you can take your lyric reels to the next level and create content that is truly unique and captivating.

Step 5: Share Your Reel

Now that you’ve created a masterpiece on reels incorporating your favorite lyrics, it’s time to share it with the world. Sharing your reel is essential to let other users know you exist and to get more views on your content.

Here’s how to share your lyric reel on instagram and other social media platforms.

How To Share Your Lyric Reel On Instagram And Other Social Media Platforms

Sharing your lyric reel on instagram is simple; within the reels editor, click on the arrow icon to upload it as a post or a story. Also, you can share reels on other social media platforms by:

  • Saving your reel to your device, then uploading it to other social media platforms like youtube, tiktok, and twitter, and sharing it.
  • Utilizing the share button beneath your reel, you can share your reel as a direct message with friends or on your instagram story.
  • Tagging other instagram users in your reel can help increase visibility and encourage collaboration.

Best Practices For Promoting Your Reel To Reach A Wider Audience

Sharing your reel to reach a more extensive audience might seem a bit daunting, but there are some best practices to help you. Some of these practices include:

  • Using hashtags to connect with people interested in the lyrics or the genre of music you’ve used in your reel.
  • Tagging relevant accounts in your post to get more engagement.
  • Posting your reel at peak activity times when more users are likely to be online.
  • Collaborating with other instagram users to reach their audience and promote your content.

How To Interact With Viewers And Respond To Comments

It’s essential to interact with your audience when you share your reel. The interactions you have with viewers help keep them engaged and increase exposure for your content. Here are some best ways to interact with your viewers:

  • Responding to comments promptly: This shows appreciation for taking the time to engage with your content and lets your followers feel like part of your community.
  • Ask questions to encourage discussion: Asking open-ended questions in your reel’s description or comments section can inspire fun and engaging engagement.
  • Using instagram’s direct messaging feature to respond to a viewer privately: This allows you to respond to more sensitive or personal comments privately without letting the whole world see it.

With these tips, you should be able to share your reel effectively while getting the engagement you desire. Keep in mind; there’s no one-size-fits-all way to get more engagement on reels, but utilizing these tips can help you gain more followers and increase your visibility on instagram and other social media platforms.

Frequently Asked Questions For How To Add Lyrics To Reels

Can I Add Lyrics To My Reels Video?

Yes, you can add lyrics to your reels video by using the built-in feature for adding text. This feature allows you to add any kind of text, including lyrics, to your video. You can choose the font style, size and color to make the text stand out and match your content.

Is It Legal To Add Song Lyrics To Reels?

If you are adding lyrics to reels video that you have created yourself or have permission to use, then it is legal. However, if you are using copyrighted lyrics without permission, it may result in copyright infringement and possible legal action.

How Can I Make My Reels Video More Engaging Using Lyrics?

You can make your reels video more engaging by adding lyrics that are relevant to the content of your video. Choose lyrics that match the mood or theme of your video, and use fonts, colors, and animations to make the text stand out.

Can I Add Lyrics To Reels Videos After Recording?

Yes, you can add lyrics to your reels video even after recording the video. Once you have recorded the video, you can upload it to the reels editor and use the built-in text feature to add or edit lyrics.

What Are Some Popular Songs To Add Lyrics To Reels?

There are countless popular songs that can be used to add lyrics to reels videos, depending on your personal preferences. Some examples may include current hits like “driver’s license” by olivia rodrigo, “levitating” by dua lipa, or throwback classics like “billie jean” by michael jackson or “bohemian rhapsody” by queen.


As you can see, adding lyrics to your reels can be an entertaining and creative way to engage with your audience. This feature has enabled instagram users to express themselves more vividly and share their favorite lyrics with their peers.

By following the easy steps highlighted in this post, you can add lyrics to your reels and make them stand out. Remember, choosing the right song and lyrics that match your video’s mood and theme is crucial. Also, ensure to include engaging visuals that complement the lyrics and help your audience enjoy the reel even more.

Finally, make sure to follow the guidelines and best practices to ensure that your content is visible and engaging. So go ahead and add lyrics to your reels; your audience will love them!

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