How to Crush Level 46: Tips and Tricks for Beating Candy Crush

To beat level 46 on candy crush, focus on clearing the three-layered meringues and preventing chocolate from spreading. At level 46, players struggle with clearing all the jellies, but primarily, they are three-layered meringues.

Moreover, the chocolate in the level keeps spreading and making it even harder to clear. To defeat level 46 and move forward in the game, one has to focus on breaking the meringues first. The meringues create obstacles that slow down progress, so breaking them quickly should be a top priority.

Next, prevent the chocolate from proliferating by clearing the area surrounding the chocolate. The best strategy is to make vertical striped candies that can remove meringues and stop chocolate’s spread simultaneously. Successful players also aim to make special candies and combinations such as wrapped candies, striped candies, and color bombs. Clearing the jelly and achieving the required score becomes easy through these constructive moves.

How to Crush Level 46: Tips and Tricks for Beating Candy Crush


The Basics

Candy crush is one of the most popular mobile puzzle games with millions of players worldwide. The game is easy to play, has colorful graphics, and addictive gameplay. In this section, we’ll cover the basics of candy crush, including how to play the game and the basic strategies required to master it.

An Overview Of Candy Crush And Basic Game Mechanics

Candy crush is a match-three puzzle game where you swap candy pieces to match three or more of the same color to earn points. The game has various types of candy, such as jelly beans, striped candy, chocolate, and more.

Each level in the game has a unique layout and objective, and you must complete the objective in a limited number of moves.

The game mechanics of candy crush are straightforward. To play the game, you need to:

  • Swap two adjacent candies to match three or more of the same color
  • Complete the objective of the level within the given number of moves
  • Earn as many points as possible by creating special candy combinations

How To Play Level 46

To play level 46, you need to clear all the jelly from the board within 50 moves. The jelly pieces are located on the center and bottom rows of the board. To complete this level, you must:

  • Create vertical striped candies to clear the jelly quickly
  • Combine striped candies with wrapped candies or color bombs to generate larger explosions and remove more jelly
  • Avoid wasting moves by making ineffective matches

Basic Strategies For Candy Crush

To succeed in candy crush, you must use basic strategies such as:

  • Matching colors: Matching three or more candies of the same color creates a standard candy, which can be used to create special candy combinations.
  • Clearing blockers: Blockers such as chocolate, licorice, or marmalade can hinder progress in a level. Aim to remove blockers as quickly as possible.
  • Creating special candies: Special candies can be formed by matching four or more candies in a specific pattern. These candies have unique abilities and can help you clear the board faster.
  • Making sure each move counts: Always aim to make the most effective match possible to avoid wasting moves.
  • Paying attention to the objective: Every level in candy crush has a unique objective. Pay attention to the objective and plan your moves accordingly to beat the level.

By using these basic strategies, you can easily beat any level in candy crush, including level 46. Happy crushing!

Advanced Strategies For Level 46

Tackling The Meringue

Level 46 in candy crush can be quite challenging, with meringue blocking your way to the candy at the bottom. Here are a few tips to help you tackle this obstacle:

  • Prioritize breaking the meringue. Focus on the top layers first, moving downwards. Utilize special candy combinations to break it quickly.
  • Use vertical striped candies to clear an entire column of meringue at once. Horizontally striped candies can also be effective.
  • Keep track of the number of moves you have left. Be sure to leave enough moves to clear the jellies once you’ve broken all the meringue.

Tips For Dealing With The Chocolate

The chocolate in candy crush is notoriously tricky to deal with. Here are some tips to keep it at bay:

  • Clear the chocolate as soon as possible. It spreads quickly, making it harder to remove the longer it sticks around.
  • Use special candies to take out multiple pieces of chocolate at once. Wrapped candies and color bombs can be especially effective.
  • Consider creating a “chocolate-free” zone in your board. Focus on clearing a specific area of chocolate where you can create special candy combinations.

How To Use Special Candies Effectively

Special candies are crucial to beating candy crush levels, including level 46. Here are some tips for using them effectively:

  • Combine two special candies for a more powerful effect. Striped + wrapped or striped + color bomb can help you clear multiple rows or columns at once.
  • Look for opportunities to create a chain reaction. For example, creating a color bomb near a wrapped candy can clear large portions of the board.
  • Don’t hold onto your special candies too long. Use them as soon as you have a good opportunity to clear a significant portion of the board.

Remember, practice makes perfect! Keep playing and experimenting with different strategies, and you’ll be sure to crush level 46 in no time.

Boosters And Special Items

Crushing level 46 in candy crush can be a real challenge, especially if you’re someone who doesn’t like to spend money on in-app purchases. But fear not, because there is a secret weapon that you can use to skyrocket your scores: boosters and special items.

If you’re wondering what these are and how to use them, keep on reading because we’ll explain everything in detail.

Explanation Of Boosters And Special Items

Boosters and special items are power-ups and tools that can help you clear levels faster and easier. They’re especially useful when you’re stuck and can’t seem to make any progress. They can help you form special candies, clear entire rows or columns, and increase the number of points you earn for each move.

There are different types of boosters and special items, and each one has a unique power that can help you advance in the game.

How To Earn And Use Them In Candy Crush

There are different ways to earn boosters and special items in candy crush. Here are a few:

  • You can buy them from the app store, but this can get expensive.
  • You can earn them as rewards for completing certain levels.
  • You can get them as a daily reward for logging in to the game.
  • You can receive them as gifts from your friends who also play the game.

Once you have earned some boosters and special items, it’s time to use them. Here’s how:

  • Before you start a new level, look at the objectives and assess which boosters or special items can help you achieve them.
  • Tap on the booster icon in the bottom left corner of the screen to view all the boosters and special items you have.
  • Tap on the booster you want to use and drag it to the location on the board where you want to activate it.
  • Once you activate a booster, it will disappear from your collection, so use them wisely.

Specific Boosters/Items To Use For Level 46

Here are a few boosters and special items that can help you beat level 46:

  • Color bomb: This special candy can clear all candies of the same color as the one you swap it with. It’s especially useful when there are many candies of the same color on the board.
  • Striped candy: This special candy can clear an entire row or column, depending on the direction of the stripes. It’s especially useful when you need to clear a row of jelly or ingredients.
  • Wrapped candy: This special candy can clear a 3×3 area around it when it’s activated. It’s especially useful when there are many blockers in one area.
  • Coconut wheel: This special item can transform one candy into a striped candy. It’s especially useful when you need to clear a specific row or column.

Don’t forget that you can combine special candies and items for even better results. Try using a color bomb and a wrapped candy together, or a striped candy and a coconut wheel to clear a difficult level. Good luck and don’t give up!

Tips And Tricks For Level 46

Specific Moves To Make In The Early Game

When starting level 46 of candy crush, there are several moves to make to get ahead in the game. Here are some tips to help you:

  • Matching candies at the bottom can make cascades, which can result in more points.
  • Focus on breaking the blocks at the bottom of the board, as the candy will fall down and possibly make more matches.
  • Try to make matches at the bottom of the board and on the sides, as this will give you more opportunities to make special candies.

Understanding The Board Layout And How It Affects Gameplay

The board layout in level 46 can affect the gameplay. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Blockers, such as the chocolate, can spread and make it hard to make matches. Focus on breaking these blockers as soon as possible.
  • The board may have a limited number of moves, so it’s essential to use each move wisely.
  • Pay attention to the candy colors that are on the board and take note of which ones are most prevalent. This knowledge can help you plan your moves better

Matching Candies With Care

Matching candies carefully is crucial in candy crush level 46. Here are some tips to help you match candies more efficiently:

  • Keep an eye out for opportunities to create special candies, such as striped or wrapped candies.
  • Try to use special candies when they can create the most significant impact or when they can eliminate blockers or difficult-to-reach candies.
  • Always be on the lookout for new candies, which may bring new opportunities for matches and cascades.

By following these tips, you’ll be well on your way to crushing level 46 of candy crush. Remember, practice and patience is key to mastering this game!

Frequently Asked Questions On How To Beat Level 46 On Candy Crush

How Do You Beat Level 46 On Candy Crush?

To beat level 46 on candy crush, focus on clearing the chocolate. Keep track of special candies and use them wisely. Make moves at the bottom of the board, and try to create special candies that will help you reach your goal.

What Is The Objective Of Level 46 On Candy Crush?

The objective of level 46 on candy crush is to score 15,000 points within 60 seconds. You can earn points by matching candies and clearing the board of chocolate.

How Many Moves Are There In Level 46 On Candy Crush?

Level 46 on candy crush has a time limit of 60 seconds and no set moves. You must reach a score of 15,000 points before time runs out.

How Do You Make A “Special Candy” In Candy Crush?

To make a “special candy” in candy crush, match four or more candies of the same color in a line. This will create special candies such as striped, wrapped, or color bomb candies that can help you clear the board.

What Are Some Tips For Playing Candy Crush?

Some tips for playing candy crush include focusing on clearing obstacles, using special candies wisely, making moves at the bottom of the board, and keeping track of your objective. Remember to take breaks, stay patient, and have fun!


As you can see, beating level 46 on candy crush isn’t impossible! It’s all about having the right strategy, using your boosters effectively, and remaining patient. Remember to focus on clearing the jellies in the corners and using your special candies at the right time.

Don’t be afraid to take a break if you’re feeling frustrated, as a clear mind goes a long way when it comes to this game. With a bit of practice and the tips outlined in this article, you’ll be well on your way to beating this level and moving on to the next.

Keep calm, stay focused, and happy crushing!

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