How to Program Your Braeburn Thermostat: A Step-by-Step Guide.

Programming a braeburn thermostat is simple and straightforward. With just a few steps, you can easily program your desired temperature settings.

The braeburn thermostat is a great device for controlling your home’s temperature and saving energy costs. However, programming it might seem daunting if you are not familiar with the process. But don’t fret, as it is effortless to program. Follow the instructions outlined in this guide, and you will have your thermostat programmed in no time.

Once programmed, you can enjoy a cozy home during the winter months and reduce your energy bills. This article will guide you through the steps to program your braeburn thermostat.

How to Program Your Braeburn Thermostat: A Step-by-Step Guide.


Understanding Your Braeburn Thermostat

Are you having trouble understanding your braeburn thermostat? Whether you just bought it or you’ve had the device for a while, it’s essential to learn how to navigate the buttons and symbols to optimize its functions. Let’s explore some key points to help you use your braeburn thermostat efficiently:

Examining The Different Models Of Braeburn Thermostats That Exist

There are several models of braeburn thermostats available on the market, and they all offer unique features that cater to different needs. Here are some key points to keep in mind when examining the different models:

  • Braeburn 1000 series: An excellent option for homeowners looking for a simple, easy-to-use thermostat that offers a basic heating and cooling system.
  • Braeburn 1200 series: This model is perfect for those who want to program their thermostat to adjust their home temperature automatically.
  • Braeburn premier series: This model is the most advanced of the braeburn series, offering users complete control of their home’s temperature.

How To Properly Install Your Braeburn Thermostat

Before you understand the different buttons and symbols, you need to ensure that your braeburn thermostat is appropriately installed. Here are some key points to remember when installing your device:

  • Turn off the power before attempting to install the thermostat.
  • Be sure to have the tools required to install your thermostat on hand.
  • Always read and follow the installation manual precisely.

Explanation Of The Different Buttons And Symbols On The Device

Now that we’ve examined the different models and have installed our braeburn thermostat correctly, let’s examine the buttons and symbols on the device itself.

  • Mode button: This button allows you to switch from heating to cooling mode.
  • Fan button: This button lets you adjust the fan settings to your preferred setting.
  • Temperature control buttons: Use these buttons to adjust the temperature however you like.
  • Hold button: You can use this button to override the set temperatures or schedules temporarily.
  • Program button: This button allows you to program your thermostat for a particular day or week.
  • Configure button: With this button, you can customize advanced settings such as filter monitoring, keypad lockout, and more.

Understanding your braeburn thermostat is essential to optimize its functions properly. Now that you know the different models, how to install them correctly, and how to navigate their buttons and symbols, you’ll be sure to get the most out of your device and keep your home comfortable year-round.

Setting Up Your Thermostat

Programming your braeburn thermostat might seem intimidating, but it’s a fairly simple process. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps for setting up your thermostat.

Basic Settings To Adjust

Before diving into more specific settings, let’s take a look at some basic settings you’ll need to adjust:

  • Fan settings: Choose between “auto” and “on”
  • “auto”: Fan turns on only when the heating or cooling system is running
  • “on”: Fan runs continuously

Choosing Between Celsius And Fahrenheit

Your thermostat can display either celsius or fahrenheit. Here’s how to set your preferred unit of temperature:

  • Press and hold the “up” and “down” arrows together for 3 seconds.
  • The display will show the current temperature unit.
  • Press the “up” arrow to switch between celsius and fahrenheit.
  • Press the “run” button to save your selection.

Setting The Date And Time Of Your Braeburn Thermostat

Keeping the correct date and time on your thermostat is crucial for accurate programming. Here’s how to set the date and time:

  • Press the “menu” button.
  • Use the arrow keys to navigate to “date/time set”.
  • Press “enter”.
  • Use the arrow keys to set the year.
  • Press “enter” to move to the next field.
  • Repeat this process to set the month, day, hour, and minute.
  • Press “run” to save your settings.

How To Change The Time On Your Braeburn Thermostat When The Daylight Savings Time Occurs

When daylight savings time happens, it’s important to adjust the time on your braeburn thermostat. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do it:

  • Press the “menu” button.
  • Use the arrow keys to navigate to “date/time set”.
  • Press “enter”.
  • Use the arrow keys to adjust the hour for the new time.
  • Press “enter” to move to the next field (the minute should already be correct at this point).
  • Press the “up” arrow to adjust the time for daylight savings time.
  • Press “run” to save your settings.

By following these steps, you’ll have your braeburn thermostat up and running in no time. Happy programming!

Programming Your Thermostat

Switching Between Heating And Cooling Modes

One of the essential features of a braeburn thermostat is being able to switch between heating and cooling modes. This means that you can change your thermostat to have your home cooler during the summer and warmer during the winter.

Here are some essential things to keep in mind when switching between heating and cooling modes.

  • This can be done easily by pressing the mode button on your thermostat and selecting either the heating or cooling option.
  • Make sure you’re familiar with your heating and cooling systems before making any changes.
  • Only switch the mode when the temperature is in between the heating and cooling setpoints.

The Importance Of Setting A Schedule On Your Thermostat

Setting a schedule on your braeburn thermostat is essential for saving energy and maintaining a comfortable temperature in your home. Here are some reasons why setting a schedule is important:

  • Save energy: Setting a schedule can help you save energy and reduce your electricity bills. Setting the thermostat to a higher temperature during the day when you are not at home, or lower when you are asleep can help reduce heating and cooling costs.
  • Comfortable temperature: Setting a schedule ensures you can always come home to a comfortable temperature, rather than having to wait for the heating or cooling to be adjusted.
  • Convenience: Setting a schedule can also help you avoid having to manually adjust the temperature every time you come and go from your home.

Creating A Schedule Or Program On Your Braeburn Thermostat

Creating a schedule or program on your braeburn thermostat is a straightforward process. Here’s how you can create a schedule:

  • Press the “program” button on your thermostat.
  • Use the up and down arrow buttons to choose the time and temperature you would like for each day of the week.
  • Set the program to fit your lifestyle.

Ensure that you set a comfortable temperature and don’t set the thermostat higher than necessary. You can even set the temperature lower than necessary if you plan to be out for long periods. This will help save energy when you’re not at home.

Using Different Temperature/Hvac Modes

Your braeburn thermostat can do more than just heat or cool your home. It also has different temperature/hvac modes that you can take advantage of. Here are some of the modes you can use:

  • Auto: With this setting, your thermostat automatically decides whether to use heating or cooling to maintain the desired temperature.
  • Emergency heat: This mode is useful if your primary heating system is not working correctly. It activates your backup heating system.
  • Fan: When the fan mode is on, it circulates air throughout your home without heating or cooling it.

Each mode has its use and can be helpful dependant on your household’s needs. Still, it’s essential to remember that the more often you switch between different modes, the more energy your system will use. Therefore it’s essential to choose the most economical mode(s) based on your needs.

Troubleshooting Your Thermostat

Common Problems With Programming A Braeburn Thermostat

Programming a braeburn thermostat is an excellent way to control your home’s heating and cooling system, but problems can arise if it’s not correctly programmed or maintained. Here are some common issues that you might face when programming your braeburn thermostat:

  • Incorrect programming: If you’ve programmed your thermostat incorrectly, your heating and cooling system may not work correctly. Make sure that you have correctly set your thermostat temperature and schedule.
  • Poor temperature control: Your braeburn thermostat may fail to regulate the temperature accurately. Check whether the temperature reading matches the desired temperature.
  • Short-cycling: Short cycling occurs when the heating and cooling system turn on and off too frequently. This issue may occur due to incorrect settings.

The “Hold” Feature On Your Braeburn Thermostat

The ‘hold’ feature on your braeburn thermostat allows you to override programmed temperature settings to maintain a constant temperature. Here are some key points to remember about the hold feature:

  • The hold feature is useful when you require a consistent temperature in your home. You could use it when you have guests over, or if you’re unwell.
  • Hold should be used sparingly as it leads to energy wastage.
  • Most braeburn thermostat models offer a temporary hold feature, where the programmed temperature will return after a specified amount of time.

Troubleshooting Problems With Wi-Fi Connectivity

Braeburn offers wi-fi enabled thermostat models to provide remote access and control. However, wi-fi connectivity issues can arise, and it’s best to troubleshoot the problems based on your thermostat’s manual. Here are some possible solutions:

  • Check your wi-fi network: Make sure your wi-fi is working correctly. Try connecting to another device, such as your smartphone, to check your wi-fi or mobile data connection.
  • Check your thermostat positioning: If your wi-fi signal is weak, try to reposition your thermostat near a window or doorway.
  • Reset your thermostat: If your wi-fi connectivity issues still persist, try resetting your thermostat and configure it from scratch.

Diagnosis And Solutions For System Failure

Occasionally, a braeburn thermostat may fail or malfunction, leading to discomfort or property damage. Here are some solutions if your braeburn system is not functioning correctly:

  • Check the power source: Ensure that the thermostat has a power source: check the circuit breaker, fuses, and wiring connections.
  • Replace batteries: If your thermostat relies on batteries, replace them when the battery icon starts to flash.
  • Contact customer support: If your thermostat is still not functioning correctly, contact the manufacturer’s customer support to get further assistance.

By troubleshooting these common braeburn thermostat issues, you can ensure efficient performance and comfortable temperature settings in your home.

Frequently Asked Questions On How To Program Braeburn Thermostat

How Do I Program My Braeburn Thermostat?

Programming your braeburn thermostat is easy. Just press the program button, set the time, adjust the temperature, and select the time periods you want the thermostat to run on.

What Is The Default Mode Of Braeburn Thermostat?

The default mode of braeburn thermostat is manual mode, which means it only operates using the temperature settings you manually set.

How Do I Change The Battery On My Braeburn Thermostat?

To change the battery on your braeburn thermostat, remove the front cover and replace the old batteries with new ones. Be sure to align the positive and negative ends of the batteries correctly.

How Can I Reset My Braeburn Thermostat?

To reset your braeburn thermostat, press the reset button located on the circuit board. You can also reset it by turning the power off for about a minute and then turning it back on.

How Can I Troubleshoot My Braeburn Thermostat?

If your braeburn thermostat is not working correctly, check the batteries, the wiring, and the circuit breaker. You can also try resetting the thermostat by pressing the reset button or turning the power off. If the issues continue, contact technical support.


After going through the step by step guide on how to program your braeburn thermostat, it is evident that the process is not as complex as it seems. With a little bit of patience and familiarity with the thermostat’s functions, you can tweak the settings to suit your comfort.

Remember, proper maintenance is crucial in keeping your thermostat running efficiently, and with the constant advancements in technology, it is essential to stay informed on updates and new features available. Regularly checking the user manual or the manufacturer’s website can help you stay up-to-date with your device’s capabilities and ensure that you are getting the most out of your thermostat’s performance.

With the right programming of your braeburn thermostat, you can not only enjoy a comfortable indoor environment but also save energy and reduce your utility bills. Start programming today and take control of your home’s temperature for a better living experience.

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