How to Put on a Cheer Bow like a Pro!

To put on a cheer bow, twist your hair into a high ponytail and secure it with a hair tie. Then, slide the cheer bow clip onto the base of the ponytail and adjust it until it’s centered.

Cheerleading is a high-energy sport that requires precision, strength, and unity. A significant part of the cheerleading uniform is the cheer bow which adds a decorative flair to the hair. It symbolizes the spirit and enthusiasm of the cheerleading squad.

To put on a cheer bow correctly, one must follow specific steps to ensure that the bow is securely attached to the hair and in the right position. In this article, we will discuss the steps to put on a cheer bow and the different types of cheer bows available.

How to Put on a Cheer Bow like a Pro!


Step 1: Gather Supplies

List Of Supplies Needed

Putting on a cheer bow like a pro requires some essential supplies. Here is a list of everything you’ll need:

  • Cheer bow
  • Hair tie
  • Bobby pins

Importance Of Having All Necessary Supplies

Before putting on a cheer bow, it is essential to have all the necessary supplies. Not having them can result in a ruined hairstyle and difficulties in putting on the bow. Having all these supplies at hand ensures that the process of putting on the cheer bow goes smoothly, and the hair stays in place throughout the performance.

Make sure you have a cheer bow, hair tie, and bobby pins to ensure that you are well prepared. Having everything ready will also save you time so that you can focus on performing your best.

Now that you have gathered all the necessary supplies, you’re ready to put on a cheer bow like a pro!

Step 2: Prep Your Hair

Making sure your hair is ready to secure a cheer bow is a crucial step in achieving the perfect cheerleader look. Here are some tips to help you prepare your hair:

Tips For Putting Hair In A Ponytail:

  • Use a fine-tooth comb to remove any tangles or knots from your hair
  • Apply some hair gel or hairspray on the roots of your hair to make the ponytail look neater
  • Use a hairband that is stretchable and durable enough to secure your hair for the whole routine
  • Ensure that the ponytail is symmetrical and tightly secured at the nape of your neck, using hairpins for extra hold
  • Comb through your ponytail to make sure there are no lumps, bumps, or asymmetrical spots

How To Make Sure Hair Is Secure

Securing your hair is critical to ensuring the cheer bow doesn’t slip or fall off. Here are some tips to help you make sure your hair stays put:

  • Before putting on the cheer bow, make sure the hairband is tight enough to hold your hair in place
  • Use bobby pins to secure your hair under the hairband for added support
  • Use hairspray as a final touch to keep any flyaways and frizz under control

Why Hair Prep Is Important

Preparing your hair correctly ensures that you achieve a polished and professional look for any cheer event. Follow these tips, and you can knock out your cheer hairstyle like a pro!

Step 3: Secure The Bow

Different Bow Styles

Before we dive into securing the cheer bow, it’s essential to know the various types of bows. Each bow style has its unique characteristics and can give the cheerleading uniform a different look. Here are some popular bow styles that cheerleaders use:

  • Classic bow: The most common type of cheer bow that is often seen on all levels of cheerleading. It is a simple but elegant bow with two loops and long tails.
  • Pinwheel bow: This is a bow with three loops, and the center loop is more prominent than the two side ones. Cheerleaders use this bow style to make a statement.
  • Zigzag bow: This unique bow style has a jagged edge appearance with an uneven number of loops. It is perfect for cheerleaders who want a different look than the classic bow.
  • Curly bow: This is a fun bow style with a unique spiral tail; it is perfect for teams who want to make an impact.

How To Position The Bow

The bow placement is crucial to ensure that the cheerleading uniform is visually appealing and the bow stays secure throughout the routine. Follow these steps for proper bow placement:

  • Use a brush to smooth the hair and create a high ponytail.
  • Place the bow on top of the ponytail, with the bows’ center knot lined up with the band.
  • Secure the bow with bobby pins placed through the center knot and into the hair on either side.
  • Pull apart the tails of the bow for a full look.

Techniques For Securing The Bow

Once the bow is in the correct position, it is time to ensure that it stays secure throughout the routine. Here are some techniques for securing the bow:

  • Bobby pins: Bobby pins are the most common way to secure cheer bows. Place bobby pins through the center knot of the bow and into the hair on either side.
  • Hair ties: Another option for securing the bow is to wrap an additional hair tie tightly around the ponytail and bow’s center knot.
  • Glue: While not commonly used, some cheerleaders use glue to secure the bow. Apply a small amount of glue to the back of the bow’s center knot before securing it to the hair.
  • Hair spray: Apply hairspray directly to the bow to help keep it in place.

Always ensure that the cheer bow does not interfere with the cheer routines’ movement and, most importantly, is comfortable to wear. With these techniques, you are sure to put on a cheer bow like a pro!

Step 4: Fine-Tune Your Look

How To Put On A Cheer Bow Like A Pro!

Ready for the final touch to your cheerleading look? Adding a bow can take your outfit to the next level, but it’s important to get it just right to achieve that professional appearance. Here’s how to fine-tune your look and make your cheer bow all it can be.

Checking For Symmetry

One of the most crucial aspects of putting on a cheer bow is making sure that everything is symmetrical. After all, an asymmetrical bow can quickly detract from your entire outfit. Here’s how to make sure your bow is perfectly balanced:

  • Check both sides of your bow for equal loops.
  • Look at the positioning of the knot in the center; if it’s off-center, adjust it.
  • Adjust the loops as needed to make sure they’re evenly spaced.

How To Make Sure The Bow Is Centered

In addition to ensuring that your bow is symmetrical, it’s also crucial to make sure it’s centered on your head. A lopsided bow can be distracting for both you and the audience. Here’s how to make sure your bow is positioned correctly:

  • Take a photo of yourself from the front and side to check for positioning.
  • If you’re unsure about placement, have a friend check for you.
  • Adjust the bow until it looks centered from both angles.

Additional Tips For A Polished Appearance

Looking for a few additional tips to make sure your cheer bow is on point? Here are a few final hints:

  • Secure the bow with bobby pins to keep it in place throughout your routine.
  • Match the colors of your bow and outfit for an extra-polished look.
  • Keep the bow size appropriate for your head size, balance, and comfort.
  • Don’t forget to add personality and flair to your bow to make it uniquely yours!

With these tips, you’ll be able to put on your cheer bow like a pro and look your best for every performance!

Seo-Friendly Additional Heading: Why Wearing A Cheer Bow Is A Key Part Of Game Day Fashion

Why Wearing A Cheer Bow Is A Key Part Of Game Day Fashion

Game day is an event every cheerleader looks forward to. Apart from showcasing their cheers, routines, and stunts, cheerleaders also pay attention to what they wear. Outfits and accessories are just as important as the cheers. One of the most crucial accessories for game day is a cheer bow.

It is more than just pretty fabric tied in a bow. Let’s find out why:

Reasons Why Cheer Bows Are Important For Game Day

  • Unites team spirit: Cheer bows are not just a fashion statement, but also an essential part of team uniforms. They help promote unity among teammates and show their dedication and support to the team.
  • Differentiates teams: Each team customizes their cheer bows to have their unique team colors, style, and prints. This helps differentiate and identify teams in a competition or game.
  • Conveys a message: Cheer bows can also be a way to convey a message. For example, a team may choose to wear pink cheer bows to show support for breast cancer awareness.
  • Brings good luck: Cheer bows are said to bring good luck to a team. It’s a superstition that cheerleaders have believed for years, and they say it elevates the team’s performance on the mat or field.

How Cheer Bows Add To The Overall Look And Feel Of A Cheerleading Team

Cheer bows can make a big difference in how a cheerleading team presents themselves. They can transform a plain uniform into a stylish and unique look. Here are a few ways cheer bows add to the overall look and feel of a cheerleading team:

  • Attract attention: Cheer bows are often the first thing noticed by the audience. They are an eye-catching accessory that brings a pop of color and style.
  • Completes the look: Cheer bows complete the uniform and make a cheerleading team look polished and put together.
  • Adds personality: Cheer bows can also showcase a team’s personality. They may choose a bold and bright color or a pattern that reflects their team’s image and style.

Additional Fashion Tips For Incorporating A Cheer Bow Into A Game Day Outfit

  • Match the uniform: Choose cheer bows that match the team uniform for a cohesive and well-put-together look.
  • Coordinate with colors: Cheer bows can also coordinate with the team’s colors. Add a hint of complementing or contrasting colors to make the outfit more interesting.
  • Be creative: Get creative with cheer bow designs. Try mixing up different styles, patterns, and textures for a unique look.
  • Accessorize: Cheer bows don’t have to be the only accessory. Try adding earrings, bracelets, or necklaces that complement the cheer bow for an added touch.

Cheer bows are an important accessory for cheerleaders on game day. They promote team spirit, are an essential part of team uniforms, and add to the overall look and feel of a cheerleading team. The fashion tips provided above are a great way to incorporate cheer bows into a game day outfit.

So the next time you put on your cheerleading uniform, don’t forget to add a cheer bow to complete your look!

Frequently Asked Questions On How To Put On A Cheer Bow

How Do I Choose The Right Cheer Bow Size?

Choose a cheer bow that fits your head securely but not too tight. Determine the size of the bow (3, 4, or 6 inch) that fits your face best and make sure it doesn’t overwhelm you.

How Do I Put On A Cheer Bow Correctly?

Put the bow onto a hair tie, comb all your hair back and put it up into a ponytail. Slip the hair tie back over the bow from the bottom. Tighten the hair tie until it’s firm, so the bow doesn’t move around.

How Do I Make My Cheer Bow Stay In Place?

Use good quality hair ties and comb your hair back. Place bobby pins (match the color of the bow) behind the ears, through the middle knot, and between the loops on the back of the bow. Use hair spray to keep your hair from slipping out and upping the grip.

How Can I Match My Cheer Bow With My Uniform?

Choose a bow that matches the color of your uniform. Certain uniform colors may have rules on what colors you can wear. If your team allows it, embellish the bow with rhinestones or glitter to add some sparkle and make it unique.


Putting on a cheer bow can be a challenging task, but with the right techniques, anyone can do it with ease. From picking the right size to securing it in place, you can follow the steps outlined in this post and take your cheerleading game to the next level.

Remember to choose a bow that complements your team’s uniform and represents your team’s colors. Before tying the bow in place, make sure to brush and secure your hair. When following through with these guidelines, ensure that you take your time, use a mirror, and give yourself plenty of practice.

Overall, putting on a cheer bow is an essential part of cheerleading, and mastering the art of it will leave you feeling confident, stylish, and ready to take on the competition!

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