Mastering Airsoft: How to Reduce Fps in 5 Easy Steps

To reduce fps airsoft, adjust the air nozzle length or change the spring. Airsoft players can also switch to a weaker battery or use a shorter inner barrel, which can decrease the muzzle velocity.

Reducing the muzzle velocity is important to comply with field regulations and ensure airsoft safety. High fps airsoft can lead to serious injuries and should be avoided. Moreover, lower fps airsoft can increase accuracy and maneuverability in close quarters combat.

Furthermore, players can tune their airsoft guns to ensure they operate safely within the designated fps limit. By following these guidelines and safety regulations, airsoft players can enjoy the game without any risks to themselves or others.

Mastering Airsoft: How to Reduce Fps in 5 Easy Steps


Step 1: Determine The Current Fps Of Your Airsoft Gun

Understanding The Importance Of Knowing Your Airsoft Gun’S Current Fps

Before you start playing airsoft, it’s essential to understand the importance of knowing your airsoft gun’s current fps (feet per second). The fps of your airsoft gun can significantly affect your gameplay. It is essential to make sure that your airsoft gun is working at an appropriate level that is safe for both you and the other players.

Ways To Measure Your Airsoft Gun’S Fps

Measuring your airsoft gun’s fps can be done in several ways:

  • Chronograph: The most reliable way to measure your airsoft gun’s fps is by using a chronograph. A chronograph is an electronic device that measures the velocity of your airsoft gun.
  • Using a phone app: You can download a phone app that measures fps by using your smartphone camera. Although, it’s not the most accurate way.
  • Acoustic sensors: Some gun ranges also use acoustic sensors to measure the speed of the pellets.

Safe Fps Limit For Airsoft Games

The safe fps limit for airsoft games is determined by the location and game type. Generally, most indoor arenas have a maximum fps limit of 350, while outdoor fields have a limit of 400.

Knowing the fps of your airsoft gun is crucial for both your safety and the safety of other players. Be sure to measure your airsoft gun’s fps before every game and keep it within the safe fps limit.

Step 2: Upgrade Or Replace The Spring

Explanation Of How The Spring Affects Fps In Airsoft Guns

The spring in an airsoft gun is responsible for generating the power required to shoot bbs. The length, thickness, and material of the spring determine the amount of force applied to the piston and how much air is released to propel the bbs forward.

Upgrading or replacing the spring can increase or decrease the fps, which is essential for certain airsoft games’ rules and regulations.

Factors To Consider When Upgrading Or Replacing The Spring

When deciding to upgrade or replace the spring, several factors need to be considered to ensure that the gun performs efficiently. These factors include:

  • The type of airsoft gun: Different models of airsoft guns have different springs. It’s crucial to choose a spring that is compatible with the gun you have.
  • Game regulations: Different airsoft games and fields have fps limits. Ensure that you select a spring that doesn’t exceed the fps limit for the game you intend to play.
  • Desired fps: If you want to increase the fps of your airsoft gun, you should select a spring with a higher power rating. If you want to decrease the fps, select a spring with a lower power rating.
  • Budget: Upgrading or replacing the spring can be expensive. Consider your budget before making a purchase.

Step-By-Step Guide On How To Upgrade Or Replace The Spring In Your Airsoft Gun

If you decide to upgrade or replace the spring in your airsoft gun, follow these simple steps:

  • Unload your airsoft gun: Double-check if your airsoft gun is unloaded before starting to take it apart.
  • Disassemble the gun: Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to take down your gun. Remove the barrel, hop-up unit, gearbox, and any other essential components that block the spring.
  • Remove the old spring: After removing all essential components, remove the old spring from the gearbox. Remember to take note of the spring’s orientation and how it was installed.
  • Choose the new spring: Select a spring that is compatible with your airsoft gun and is suitable for the regulations and game you want to play.
  • Install the new spring: Place the new spring into the gearbox, ensuring that it is correctly oriented, and seated in place.
  • Reassemble the gun: Reinstall all the essential components, including the gearbox, hop-up unit, barrel, and other fittings.
  • Test the gun: Test the airsoft gun’s fps with a chronograph to ensure that it is shooting within the required limits. If the fps exceeds the limit, consider using a weaker spring or downgrading your gun’s internal parts.

Upgrading or replacing the spring is an effective way to adjust the fps of your airsoft gun. Consider the factors mentioned above before making a purchase and follow the steps to upgrade or replace the spring. Remember to test the fps, and always adhere to game regulations to ensure that you have a pleasant and safe game.

Step 3: Install A Tighter Inner Barrel

Explanation Of How The Inner Barrel Affects Fps In Airsoft Guns

The inner barrel plays a vital role in determining the airsoft gun’s fps (feet per second) velocity. The fps is the measurement unit used to measure the gun’s shooting speed or how fast the pellet leaves the barrel. The tighter the inner barrel, the higher the fps and vice versa.

When airsoft guns fire, a burst of compressed air propels a small plastic pellet, known as a bb, out of the barrel. As the bb travels down the inner barrel, the friction between the bb and the inner barrel causes resistance.

The resistance slows down the bb’s speed, resulting in a lower fps.

Benefits Of Installing A Tighter Inner Barrel

Opting for a tighter inner barrel comes with several advantages that boost your airsoft gameplay. Here are a few benefits to installing one:

  • Increased accuracy: A tighter inner barrel will improve the bb’s trajectory, allowing it to maintain a straighter path towards the target. This reduces the likelihood of missing your target, increasing your overall shooting accuracy.
  • Consistency: Tighter inner barrels ensure the bbs have a consistently high fps velocity. This is particularly useful in games where players determine the outcome based on who hits their targets first.
  • Range: Often, airsoft guns suffer from shorter ranges, which, in turn, affects the accuracy. Installing a tighter inner barrel can help to improve your airsoft gun’s range, making it easier to hit targets that are further away.

Step-By-Step Guide On How To Install A Tighter Inner Barrel In Your Airsoft Gun

Now that you understand how a tighter inner barrel affects the fps and why it’s beneficial let’s take a look at how to install it in your airsoft gun. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you through the process:

  • Remove the original inner barrel from your airsoft gun.
  • Choose the correct length and diameter of the new inner barrel. Make sure to purchase a barrel with an appropriate diameter and length to match your airsoft gun’s specs.
  • Insert the new inner barrel carefully. Line up the hop-up chamber and gently slide the new inner barrel into the gun’s outer barrel.
  • Reinstall the hop-up chamber slowly; make sure you don’t pinch or jam any of the wires while re-installing.
  • Secure the hop-up chamber in place with screws or clips.
  • Reinstall the outer barrel back onto the gun and ensure that it aligns with the hop-up chamber.
  • Test the gun for fps and check if the new inner barrel fits and functions correctly.

Installing a new inner barrel might seem daunting, but it’s a simple process. Just remember to handle all the components with care and ensure that everything lines up correctly. With a tighter inner barrel, you can improve your airsoft gameplay, accuracy and range, making it easier to hit your target.

Step 4: Use Heavier Bbs

Explanation Of How Bb Weight Affects Fps In Airsoft Guns

The weight of the bbs you use affects the fps (feet per second) output of your airsoft gun. This is because heavier bbs require more energy to move, resulting in a lower fps. Conversely, lighter bbs require less energy to move and result in a higher fps.

This means that if you want to reduce fps in your airsoft gun, you should consider using heavier bbs.

Factors To Consider When Selecting The Appropriate Bb Weight

When selecting the appropriate bb weight for your airsoft gun, there are a few factors to consider:

  • Gun type: Different types of airsoft guns may perform better with different bb weights. For example, snipers often use heavier bbs to increase accuracy and range, while smaller guns may perform better with lighter bbs.
  • Distance: If you’re playing in closer quarters, lighter bbs may be more suitable, as they have a higher fps and may be more effective at shorter ranges. On the other hand, if you’re playing at longer ranges, heavier bbs may be more appropriate, as they maintain their momentum better over distance.
  • Wind: Wind can have a significant impact on the trajectory of your bbs. Heavier bbs are less affected by wind, making them a better option for use in windy conditions.

Other Benefits Of Using Heavier Bbs In Airsoft Games

While reducing fps may be your primary reason for using heavier bbs, there are other benefits to consider:

  • Accuracy: Heavier bbs typically travel at a more consistent speed, resulting in improved accuracy and precision.
  • Range: Heavier bbs also maintain their momentum better over distance, increasing the effective range of your airsoft gun.
  • Impact: Because heavier bbs have more mass, they can often produce a more noticeable impact when they hit a target, making hits more easily detectable during gameplay.

By carefully selecting the appropriate bb weight for your airsoft gun, you can not only reduce fps, but also improve your accuracy, range, and impact.

Step 5: Adjust The Hop-Up Unit

Explanation Of How The Hop-Up Unit Affects Fps In Airsoft Guns

The hop-up unit is a vital component of an airsoft gun, responsible for adding backspin to the bb before it exits the barrel. This backspin helps to keep the bb from dropping too quickly, which in turn increases the effective range of the gun.

Therefore, improper adjustments of the hop-up unit can result in a significant increase or decrease in fps, leading to miss shots and a decrease in accuracy.

Importance Of Properly Adjusting The Hop-Up Unit

Properly adjusting the hop-up unit in your airsoft gun is crucial in getting the desired fps, range, and accuracy. A well-adjusted hop-up unit will provide maximum range, while an improperly adjusted one will lead to inconsistent trajectory and a decrease in performance.

So, learning to adjust the hop-up unit correctly is paramount to your airsoft success.

Step-By-Step Guide On How To Adjust The Hop-Up Unit In Your Airsoft Gun

Here is a step-by-step guide to adjusting your hop-up unit correctly:

  • First, remove the magazine and ensure your airsoft gun is not loaded with any bbs or other projectiles.
  • Locate the hop-up adjustment unit, which is typically located on the top of the barrel.
  • Insert an allen key, small screwdriver, or another tool that fits into the hop-up adjustment unit.
  • Keeping the tool in place, make small adjustments to the hop-up system by turning it either to the left or right. Keep turning and testing until you achieve the desired level of backspin.
  • To test the hop-up adjustment, load a few bbs into the magazine, reattach it to the gun, and fire some rounds. Observe the trajectory of the bbs, and make further adjustments if necessary.
  • Repeat this process until you achieve the desired fps, range, and accuracy.

By following these simple steps, you will be able to adjust your hop-up unit correctly, leading to consistent, accurate shots and improved performance on the airsoft field.

Frequently Asked Questions For How To Reduce Fps Airsoft

How Do I Lower The Fps On My Airsoft Gun?

To lower your airsoft gun’s fps, you can change the spring, shorten the inner barrel, or add a suppressor. It’s essential to check your field’s fps limits first before making any modifications.

Why Is It Important To Lower My Airsoft Gun’S Fps?

It’s crucial to lower your airsoft gun’s fps because it’s essential for safety purposes. Higher fps can lead to injuries, especially on close-quarter combat. Additionally, most airsoft fields have fps limits that players must abide by to ensure fair gameplay.

How Do I Test My Airsoft Gun’S Fps?

You can use a chronograph to test your airsoft gun’s fps. Most airsoft fields have a chronograph available, or you can purchase one for personal use. Be sure to test your airsoft gun before going to a field to avoid fps-related issues.

How Can I Maintain My Airsoft Gun’S Fps?

Regular maintenance is essential to maintaining your airsoft gun’s fps. Regularly clean your airsoft gun, use high-quality bbs, and keep your airsoft gun well-lubricated. Additionally, check your airsoft gun’s hop-up system to ensure proper function.

Can An Airsoft Gun’S Fps Be Too Low?

Yes, an airsoft gun’s fps can be too low. If your airsoft gun’s fps is too low, it can affect your accuracy and range, especially at long distances. Be sure to check your airsoft field’s minimum fps limits before making any modifications to your airsoft gun.


As a final note, reducing the fps of your airsoft gun is not only a matter of safety but also a way to improve your game. By following the steps mentioned in this blog post, you can easily adjust the fps of your gun without compromising its performance.

Remember that safety should always be your top priority when playing airsoft, and reducing your gun’s fps is one of the best ways to ensure that you and your fellow players are protected from any accidents. Additionally, by reducing your airsoft gun’s fps, you can also become a more skilled player by forcing yourself to rely on strategy and tactics rather than raw firepower.

So, take the time to adjust your fps and enjoy a safer, more exciting airsoft game.

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