Unleashing Secrets: Identifying Real Scarab Bracelets

To determine if a scarab bracelet is real, examine the hieroglyphics and the weight of the piece. A genuine scarab bracelet will have symbols with deep-cut, crisp, and well-defined grooves and should weigh more than a replica.

Scarab bracelets are popular jewelry pieces with ancient egyptian origins. A real scarab bracelet is a valuable and rare item, while a fake one is worth little. Knowing how to tell whether a scarab bracelet is real is essential when purchasing one.

This article will provide you with the necessary information to differentiate between a replica and a genuine piece. By closely inspecting the hieroglyphics and the weight, you can determine the authenticity of a scarab bracelet. The hieroglyphics on a real scarab bracelet will have deep-cut, well-defined and crisp grooves, and the weight should be more than a replica’s.

Unleashing Secrets: Identifying Real Scarab Bracelets

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What Are Scarab Bracelets?

Scarab bracelets take their name from the intricate scarab beetle design that decorates them. Ancient egyptians believed that scarab beetles held powerful symbolism; they were seen as emblems of rebirth and renewal, and were associated with the sun-god khepri. Scarab bracelets are, therefore, not just pretty ornaments; they are symbolic and historically significant pieces of jewelry.

History And Symbolism Of Scarab Bracelets

  • The history of scarab bracelets dates back to ancient egyptian times, when these bracelets were believed to have special powers.
  • Scarab beetles were seen as sacred creatures and were associated with the afterlife.
  • Scarab bracelets were valued by both the living and the dead, with wealthy egyptians being buried with their scarab bracelet on their wrist.
  • Modern scarab bracelets are modeled on these ancient designs, and still incorporate the scarab beetle symbol.

Characteristics Of Scarab Bracelets

  • Scarab bracelets are made from various materials such as gold, silver, and semi-precious stones.
  • They often feature a scarab beetle that is either engraved or in relief.
  • Scarab bracelets are usually sizable and can be molded to fit any wrist size.
  • They are often ornate pieces and can be adorned with other motifs, such as lotus flowers and hieroglyphs.

Types Of Scarab Bracelets

  • Egyptian revival bracelets: These are made in modern times but are designed to look like ancient egyptian pieces. They are often inspired by jewelry worn by pharaohs, queens, and gods.
  • Antique scarab bracelets: These are original pieces made in ancient times. They are rare and expensive and often feature precious metals and stones.
  • Contemporary scarab bracelets: These are modern-day pieces that incorporate elements of traditional scarab bracelets. They are often more affordable than antique scarab bracelets.

Scarab bracelets are beautiful and symbolic pieces of jewelry that have been valued throughout history. When looking to purchase one, keep in mind the history and symbolism of scarab bracelets, and the characteristics and types of bracelets available in the market.

Market For Scarab Bracelets

Overview Of Scarab Bracelet Market

Scarab bracelets have seen a massive surge in popularity recently, making them one of the most sought after types of bracelets on the market. The market for scarab bracelets is vast and diverse, including both original antique designs and modern replicas.

Buyers can expect to pay a range of prices for scarab bracelets, depending on the quality, material used, and brand.

Popular Brands And Their Prices

Some of the most popular scarab bracelet brands include:

  • Bulgari scarab bracelets ($15,000 – $30,000)
  • Cartier scarab bracelets ($10,000 – $20,000)
  • Van cleef & arpels scarab bracelets ($8,000 – $15,000)

While these brands can be expensive, the quality and unique design make them worth it. However, there are also many replica scarab bracelets available at more affordable prices.

Fake And Real Scarab Bracelet Differentiation

One of the most important things to consider when buying a scarab bracelet is its authenticity. Some tips to help differentiate between real and fake scarab bracelets are:

  • Real scarab bracelets are often made from precious metals, such as gold or sterling silver, while fake ones may use cheaper materials.
  • The symbol on the scarab should be properly aligned and visible. In a fake scarab bracelet, the symbol is often poorly aligned or not visible at all.
  • Real scarab bracelets often have intricate designs and details, while fake ones may lack the attention to detail present in genuine pieces.

Common Mistakes Buyers Make

When buying a scarab bracelet, there are some common mistakes that buyers often make, including:

  • Not researching the seller and the brand before making a purchase.
  • Falling for too-good-to-be-true deals that often indicate a fake product.
  • Not inspecting the details of the bracelet carefully, such as the alignment of the symbol or the quality of the materials.

By avoiding these mistakes, buyers can ensure that they get an authentic and high-quality scarab bracelet that will last for years to come.

Authentic Scarab Bracelet Identification

Scarab bracelets are iconic pieces of jewelry with a rich history dating back to ancient egypt. These beautiful pieces of jewelry featured intricate designs and often used precious stones, making them highly valuable and sought after. However, many fake scarab bracelets are available in the market, making it challenging to know the authentic ones.

Here are a few key things to check when identifying an authentic scarab bracelet.

Materials Used In Making Scarab Bracelets

The ideal way to determine an authentic scarab bracelet is by examining the materials used in making it. Scarab bracelets were traditionally made of gold, silver, or other precious metals, so authentic scarab bracelets will be metallic. Fake scarabs will commonly be made from cheap imitation materials like resin or plastic.

Gemstones And Their Characteristics

Scarab bracelets often feature precious gemstones like turquoise, lapis lazuli, and red jasper, among others. It’s essential to know the characteristics of these stones to identify an authentic scarab bracelet as counterfeit pieces typically use cheaper, synthetic materials. Look for stones that are well-cut, with crisp, clean edges, and the right color.

Engravings And Inscriptions

Ancient scarab bracelets often had intricate engravings and inscriptions that identified the wearer’s social status, occupation or portrayed significant religious symbolism. Check for the quality and clarity of the engraving and ensure they are skillfully designed and executed.

Provenance And Certificate Of Authenticity

Provenance is the documented history of a piece of jewelry that details the ownership and location from when it was originally designed to its present location. An authentic scarab bracelet should come with a certificate of authenticity that confirms its origin, age, and genuine precious stones used.

Do not purchase a scarab bracelet from a seller without a clear history or documentation.

When purchasing a scarab bracelet, use these essential identifying factors to help you choose an authentic piece. Be mindful and do not be driven by impulse or emotion. Invest time and effort in researching the piece and making sure the seller is reputable.

Remember, an authentic scarab bracelet is a significant purchase and a substantial investment that you’ll cherish for years to come.

How To Spot A Fake Scarab Bracelet

If you’re planning to buy a scarab bracelet, you must know how to identify the fake ones from the real. Here are some tips to consider before purchasing one:

Common Techniques Used By Fraudsters

Scammers usually employ a few tricks to sell a fake item as a genuine product. Here are some ways fraudsters might try to deceive you:

  • Creating perfect replicas: Making a perfect replica is one of the most commonly used techniques by fraudsters. Such replicas have the same features, design, finishing, and color as the original products, making it challenging to identify the fake one from the genuine article.
  • Photo manipulation: Online shopping has made it easier to buy products, but it has also increased the risk of falling victim to fraud. Fraudsters use advanced software to manipulate the images, making it look like the real item.

Physical Appearance And Quality

Knowing the physical appearance and quality of the scarab bracelet will help you identify whether it’s real or fake.

  • Material: Look at the material of the bracelet. Genuine scarab bracelets are made from precious metals or gems such as gold, silver, or lapis lazuli, while fake ones might have a cheap material.
  • Weight: A genuine scarab bracelet will typically have a weighty feel, while a fake one will likely feel lighter due to the inferior quality.
  • Engraving: Look carefully at the bracelet’s engraving. Genuine scarab bracelets will have precise and detailed hieroglyphics, while fake ones will have incorrect hieroglyphics or spelling mistakes.

Testing Scarab Bracelets To Determine Their Authenticity

The following tests can help determine a scarab bracelet’s authenticity:

  • Magnet test: Scarab bracelets made from precious metals like gold or silver will not be attracted to a magnet. If the bracelet does stick to the magnet, it’s likely a fake.
  • Scratch test: Genuine scarab bracelets will retain their appearance even after prolonged use. However, if the bracelet shows signs of wear and tear, it’s most likely fake.

Identifying The Source Of Fraudulent Scarab Bracelets

There are a few signs that the scarab bracelet you’re viewing might be fraudulent:

  • Unreliable dealer: Research and check the vendor’s reviews, location, and history. Any dealer that has a negative reputation or is not located in the area where these items are made can be problematic.
  • Pricing: Genuine scarab bracelets are more expensive compared to the fake ones. If the price seems too good to be true, it’s likely a counterfeit product.

Using these tips can help you identify a real scarab bracelet from a fake one. Remember to purchase from a reputed dealer to avoid any further complications.

Care And Maintenance Of Scarab Bracelets

Scarab bracelets are elegant pieces of jewelry that often come with rich cultural and historical significance. They’re intricately designed, and their artistic features usually make them expensive. Whether you’re a collector or someone fancying this type of jewelry for its beauty, you want to make sure that the scarab bracelet you’re buying is authentic.

One way to determine its authenticity is by examining its material and design. However, beyond that, you can tell if a scarab bracelet is real by careful maintenance. We’ll help you acquire practical knowledge of taking care of scarab bracelets.

Tips For Taking Care Of Scarab Bracelets

Scarab bracelets are not ordinary jewelry, and as such, their maintenance requires you to take some precautions. These tips will help you get the best out of your scarab bracelet:

  • Keep it away from moisture: Avoid getting your scarab bracelet soaked in water, so you should remove it before showering, swimming or participating in water sports.
  • Store it separately: One of the best ways to store your scarab bracelet is to keep it in a small velvet or silk pouch, away from other types of jewelry.
  • Avoid contact with chemicals: Your daily routines involving exposure to chemicals such as hairsprays can cause damage to your scarab bracelet. Always remove it before performing tasks that involve using chemicals.
  • Clean it gently: For everyday cleaning, use a soft cloth to wipe the scarab bracelet to avoid scratching its surface.
  • Protect it in the sunlight: Excessive exposure to sunlight can damage your scarab bracelet, so it’s best to keep it in a safe place when not in use.
  • Take it out for a polish: From time to time, take your scarab bracelet to a professional jewelry cleaner for thorough polishing.

Cleaning And Storing Scarab Bracelets

How you clean and store scarab bracelets will determine their lifespan. Here are some tips on how to clean and store them:

Cleaning Scarab Bracelets

  • Use a soft-bristled brush and warm soapy water to clean the jewelry.
  • Rinse the bracelet under warm water.
  • Dry with a soft and clean towel.
  • Let it air-dry completely before storing it.

Storing Scarab Bracelets

  • Store them in a separate jewelry box or pouch.
  • Cover it with soft cloth or tissue paper to protect it from scratches.
  • Keep your scarab bracelet in a cool and dry place, away from sunlight and moisture.

Best Occasions To Wear Scarab Bracelets

Scarab bracelets can be used to accessorize almost any outfit. However, there are some occasions they fit perfectly. They include:

  • Formal events: Scarab bracelets add a touch of classic elegance to any formal attire.
  • Weddings: The intricate and artistic designs of scarab bracelets make them perfect for weddings, especially for brides.
  • Date nights: A scarab bracelet is the perfect accessory to wear on a romantic outing.

Frequently Asked Questions On Scarab Bracelets

Here are some frequently asked questions about scarab bracelets:

Q: What Is The History Of Scarab Bracelets?

A: scarab bracelets were a popular fashion accessory in ancient egyptian culture, and they symbolized renewal and rebirth. Today, they are still worn as fashionable accessories.

Q: How Can I Tell If My Scarab Bracelet Is Real?

A: the easiest way to tell if your scarab bracelet is real is by examining its material and design. However, careful maintenance can also increase the chances of your bracelet’s authenticity.

Q: Can Scarab Bracelets Be Resized?

A: resizing scarab bracelets can be challenging and is best left to professionals.

Q: How Do I Clean And Store My Scarab Bracelet Properly?

A: clean your scarab bracelet gently with a soft-bristled brush and warm soapy water. Store it separately in a soft cloth or pouch in a cool and dry place, away from sunlight and moisture.

Q: What Occasions Are Appropriate For Scarab Bracelets?

A: scarab bracelets can be worn on any occasion but are especially appropriate for formal events, weddings, and date nights.

Frequently Asked Questions For How To Tell If A Scarab Bracelet Is Real

How Can I Determine If A Scarab Bracelet Is Real?

To determine if a scarab bracelet is real, scrutinize it for any signs of damage, check for a hallmark, and authenticate it based on the seller’s reputation. Additionally, verify the quality of the materials used and seek the advice of experts.

What Is The Significance Of Scarab Bracelets?

Scarab bracelets were popular during ancient egyptian times and hold great cultural significance to this day. They were believed to be a symbol of the sun god and bring good luck, happiness, and protection to the wearer. Some people collect them for their beauty and historical value.

How Do I Maintain The Appearance Of My Scarab Bracelet?

To preserve the appearance of a scarab bracelet, keep it away from water, chemicals, and excessive heat. Store it in a dry location and avoid exposing it to direct sunlight. Clean it gently using a soft brush and mild soap and have it professionally polished once a year.

What Materials Are Used In Making Scarab Bracelets?

Depending on the era and location, scarab bracelets could be made from materials such as gold, silver, bronze, faience, glass, and precious gemstones. Some antique scarab bracelets are also made from materials such as ivory, bone, and wood.


After reading this post, you should now have a good idea of how to tell if a scarab bracelet is real or fake. Remember to look for authentic materials and markings, pay attention to the details, and be cautious of offers that seem too good to be true.

Keep in mind that the market is full of imitations, and that an educated purchase requires careful research and scrutiny. Despite the many counterfeits circulating today, there are still many genuine scarab bracelets out there to be found and enjoyed.

So, take the time to thoroughly examine any prospective scarab purchase to ensure it is a piece that is worthy of your collection or as a meaningful gift for a loved one. Happy hunting!

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