Tulle Pom Poms How to Make: Easy DIY Guide.

To make tulle pom poms, you need tulle fabric, scissors, and string. Cut the tulle into strips, tie them together in the middle with the string, and fluff the pom pom.

Tulle pom poms are a cute and easy diy project that can be used for decorating events, weddings, parties, or even as room decor. Using different colored tulle or adding glitter can create unique variations. Follow these simple steps to make your own tulle pom poms and add a touch of whimsy to any occasion.

Tulle Pom Poms How to Make: Easy DIY Guide.

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Step-By-Step Guide On How To Make Tulle Pom Poms

Tulle pom poms how to make: step-by-step guide on how to make tulle pom poms

If you’re looking for a fun and easy way to add a pop of color to your home decor or party decorations, tulle pom poms are a great option! These fluffy little pom poms are easy to make and come in a wide variety of colors, so you can create the perfect look for any occasion.

In this step-by-step guide, we’ll take you through the process of making tulle pom poms from start to finish. Let’s get started!

Choosing The Right Tulle And Color Palette For Your Project

Before you begin making your tulle pom poms, consider the tulle you’ll be using. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Choose a tulle that is the appropriate stiffness for your project. If you want your pom poms to be very firm and structured, choose a stiffer tulle. If you want them to be soft and fluffy, choose a softer tulle.
  • Consider the color palette you want to use for your pom poms. You can stick to one color, or mix and match different colors to create a unique look.

Measuring And Cutting The Tulle Into Strips

Once you’ve chosen your tulle, it’s time to measure and cut it into strips. Here’s how:

  • Measure out a length of tulle that is roughly twice as long as the final length you want your pom pom to be. For example, if you want your pom poms to be 4 inches in diameter, measure out a length of tulle that is around 8 inches long.
  • Cut the tulle into strips. The width of the strips will depend on the size of your pom pom. For a small pom pom, cut strips that are around 2 inches wide. For larger pom poms, cut wider strips.

Folding The Tulle Strips Into A Fan Shape

With your tulle strips ready, it’s time to start folding them into a fan shape. Here’s how:

  • Lay one strip of tulle flat on your work surface.
  • Fold the tulle back and forth like an accordion, making each fold around 1 inch wide.
  • Repeat with all your tulle strips.

Tying The Tulle In The Middle With A String Or Ribbon

Now it’s time to tie your folded tulle strips together in the middle to create the pom pom. Here’s how:

  • Take a length of string or ribbon and tie it tightly around the center of your folded tulle strips.
  • Make sure the string or ribbon is knotted securely, but be careful not to pull too hard or the tulle will bunch up and become misshapen.

Fluffing The Pom Pom And Trimming The Edges

Finally, it’s time to fluff your pom pom and trim the edges to create a neat, round shape. Here’s how:

  • Gently fluff out the folded tulle strips, one at a time, to create a full, rounded pom pom.
  • Once all the strips are fluffed out, use a sharp pair of scissors to trim the edges of the pom pom into a neat, round shape.
  • Take care not to cut too much off the edges, or your pom pom will become misshapen.

There you have it – a simple and easy way to make tulle pom poms! With just a few basic supplies, you can create a variety of beautiful pom poms to decorate your home or add some fun to your next party or event.

Tips For Creating Different Styles Of Tulle Pom Poms

Tulle pom poms how to make – tips for creating different styles of tulle pom poms

If you’re searching for a fun and budget-friendly way to make a room or event look unique and special, tulle pom poms are a great choice. It is easy to make these soft, fluffy, and whimsical decorations and they are perfect for occasions like baby showers, weddings, or birthday parties.

Let’s explore some practical tips on how to create different styles of tulle pom poms.

Adding Glitter Or Other Embellishments To The Tulle

Plain paragraph: a great way to make your tulle pom poms stand out is by adding some embellishments, such as glitter, beads, or ribbons. It’s important to choose the right embellishments to fit the theme of your event or room.

Bullet points:

  • Choose a color of glitter or embellishment that complements the tulle color you selected.
  • Apply a thin, even layer of glue on the surface of the tulle pom poms, in a small section.
  • Carefully sprinkle the glitter or other embellishments over the glue. Make sure the tulle is fully covered.
  • Shake off any extra glitter or embellishments onto a piece of paper.
  • Let the glue dry completely before fluffing the pom poms up.

Alternating Colors And Sizes Of The Pom Poms For A Varied Look

Plain paragraph: creating a variety of tulle pom poms using different colors and sizes is a perfect way to add depth and texture to your decoration. It’s easy to manipulate the tulle to attain different shapes and sizes.

Bullet points:

  • Choose two or more colors of tulle that complement or contrast each other.
  • Measure and cut each piece of tulle to the same dimensions.
  • Start by creating the larger pom poms before moving onto smaller sizes.
  • To give the pom poms a neat and orderly look, try alternating the colors and sizes of the tulle.
  • Use fishing line or clear thread to hang the finished pom poms with a consistent spacing.

Creating A Garland Or String Of Tulle Pom Poms

Plain paragraph: a tulle pom pom garland is a perfect way to highlight a wall or ceiling with some charm and elegance. It’s an effortless way to reuse the tulle pom poms you previously created.

Bullet points:

  • Prepare all the tulle pom poms you wish to use and have them organized in the order you wish to string them.
  • Cut a length of ribbon or twine that’s long enough for the space you want to fill.
  • Tie a knot at one end of the ribbon, leaving a tail of ribbon for hanging.
  • Thread the needle with double the length of the ribbon or twine.
  • Place the needle into the center of the first pom pom. Pull it through to one side.
  • Tie a knot at the same side of the tulle pom-pom. This stops it from sliding off the twine or ribbon.
  • Repeat threading the needle and stringing the tulle pom poms onto the ribbon until all the tulle pom poms are strung together.
  • Hang the garland or string using the remaining part of the ribbon you created at the beginning.

Tulle pom poms are an amazing way to give a special touch to any celebration or room. Using these practical tips, you can customize the decorations according to your preferences and create several styles of tulle pom poms to adorn your space.

Make sure to use the proper materials and follow the instructions step-by-step. Now, let’s start creating your unique tulle pom poms!

Creative Ways To Use Tulle Pom Poms

Tulle pom poms are versatile decorations that can add a delightful touch to any event or space. Here are some creative ways to use them.

Decorating A Birthday Party Or Baby Shower

Decorating with tulle pom poms is an excellent way to add a dash of color and fun to birthday parties and baby showers. Here are some ideas:

  • Hang them from the ceiling or trees to create a whimsical atmosphere.
  • Use them as a backdrop behind the dessert table or as a photo booth background.
  • Arrange them in jars or vases as table centerpieces.

Adding A Pop Of Color To A Bedroom Or Workspace

Tulle pom poms can also be a perfect addition to a bedroom or workspace to add some personality and color. Here are some ways to use them:

  • Hang them as a garland above the headboard or along a wall.
  • Cluster them together in a vase or basket to decorate a corner or shelf.
  • Hang them from the ceiling as a mobile to add a playful touch to a nursery or child’s bedroom.

Diy Wedding Decorations

Tulle pom poms can be a fantastic choice for diy wedding decorations due to their lightweight, affordable and easy-to-make nature. Here are some suggestions:

  • Use them as aisle or chair decorations by tying them with ribbon or twine.
  • Create a tulle pom pom bouquet for the bridesmaids.
  • Hang them from the ceiling or string them across the dance floor as a unique and charming decoration.

Using Them As Photo Props

Tulle pom poms can also be a fun addition to any photoshoot or personal photography. Here are some ideas:

  • Arrange them in a basket or bucket, and use them as a prop for family photos.
  • Use them to create a backdrop for birthday or holiday photos.
  • Give them to the kids, and let them play and explore while you take candid photos.

Troubleshooting And Common Mistakes

Tulle Pom Poms How To Make: Troubleshooting And Common Mistakes

Are you in the middle of making tulle pom poms and experiencing some difficulties? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. In this section, we’ll cover some of the most common problems that people encounter while making tulle pom poms and their solutions.

Tulle Not Fluffing Properly Or Evenly:

• the primary reason for uneven fluffing of tulle pom poms is the difference in tulle fabric’s quality. Always choose high-quality tulle fabric for best results.

• another reason could be not cutting the tulle fabric into equal sizes. Be sure to use a sharp pair of scissors and cut the tulle at the same length.

• if you’re experiencing uneven fluffing of the pom poms, try adjusting the tulle. Spread it out evenly across the pom pom for uniformity.

Knots Coming Undone:

• knotting is a crucial step while making tulle pom poms. But, if the knots come undone, the pom poms will disintegrate. So, be sure to tie the knots tightly.

• if you’re still having trouble keeping the knots in place, try using a clip or a bobby pin to hold it in position.

• while tying knots, always leave extra tulle fabric to ensure the knot is secure.

Tulle Tearing Or Fraying During The Creation Process:

• if you’re experiencing tulle tearing or fraying while making the pom poms, it could be because you’re pulling the tulle too hard.

• tulle fabric is delicate, and it’s important to work gently with it. Try using your fingers to tease the tulle into place or use a comb-like tool to make the pom pom fluffier.

• if the tulle continues to tear, change the technique by adjusting the amount of tulle fabric you’re using. Use a smaller amount of tulle for each pom pom to make them more manageable.

By keeping these tips in mind, making tulle pom poms will be a breeze. Don’t give up; keep practicing, and before you know it, you’ll be making stunning tulle pom poms with ease!

Frequently Asked Questions Of Tulle Pom Poms How To Make

What Materials You Require To Make Tulle Pom Poms?

To make tulle pom poms, you will need tulle fabric, scissors, wire, pliers, and a ruler.

How To Determine The Size Of Tulle Pom Poms?

To determine the size of tulle pom poms, you need to measure and cut the tulle to your desired length, then fold it in half and cut it again.

What Are The Steps To Make Tulle Pom Poms?

To make tulle pom poms, begin by stretching out your tulle and then cut it into your desired size. After cutting, twist it around a wire, and then trim the ends. Finally, fluff it up and you are done!

Can You Use Different Colors Of Tulle To Make Pom Poms?

Yes, you can use different colors of tulle to make pom poms and then mix and match them to get a colorful look.

What Can You Do With Tulle Pom Poms?

Tulle pom poms can be used to decorate your kid’s room, birthday party, wedding, or any other celebrations and events. You can also attach them to a ribbon and use them as a garland.


After reading this article, you now know how to make beautiful tulle pom poms. Follow these simple steps to create your own stunning decor pieces that are perfect for any occasion. By choosing the right tulle color and texture, you can customize your pom poms to match your personal style or event theme.

Plus, making them yourself adds a personal touch and sense of accomplishment. Remember to fluff and shape your pom poms once finished to achieve the desired look. Whether you’re decorating a party, wedding, or simply adding some charm to your living space, tulle pom poms are an inexpensive, easy, and fun way to express your creativity.

So, give it a try and enjoy the satisfaction of creating something beautiful with your own two hands.

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